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A history of collaboration

John Maroney a twenty-year veteran, Mr. Maroney specializes fashion, hospitality, travel and event production. He has produced major events in key markets including Manhattan, the Hamptons, Los Angeles and Miami. Recently, he spearheaded public relations and brand positioning for The Trade Commission of Peru’s Alpaca initiative. He has also been instrumental in launching international wine destination, Puro Chile, national event development for Champagnes Nicolas Feuillatte, Macari Vineyards,The Swedish Culinary Series, c/o Hotels, Maidstone Hotel to producing countless fashion events with brands including, Ralph Lauren, Carmen Marc Valvo, Donna Karan, Vivienne Tam to talent sourced globally, Dell Computers.

Additionally, Mr. Maroney has been instrumental in creating social and corporate partnerships and event production for leading organizations including Creative Time, Free Arts NYC and the Whitney Museum, Lexington Clothing Company and special projects media partners, Vogue Magazine, Vanity Fair and Elle Magazine.



Creative Cachet

We deliver results

Every account deserves its own particular standards when measuring success, but we don’t use that as an excuse to deliver anything less than excellence. Our mission is to shorten the distance between your brand and your target consumer. We explore every story angle and tie each to a brand’s core values, generating compelling production values that inspires influencers and resonates with consumers. We produce events distinguished not just for their creativity and originality but also for their ability to provide the right platform to communicate.

We are creative

Creativity should never happen at the sacrifice of a brand’s core message. Nor should creativity happen at the expense of the personal experience you enjoy at an exciting, well-planned event. Great events—the ones you remember—have a palpable energy that helps you connect with a brand.



Our Difference

We are different

It takes more than just media coverage to build a brand and connect with consumers. Our cross-section of current and past clients and our experience in all the major lifestyle categories allows us to apply fresh thinking to each campaign. We are strategic partners capable of advising you on the marketing events you want and don’t want, the kind of marketing initiatives that consumers remember, and the logistics and resources that will make your campaign successful.

We have experience

Being experienced means we have achieved success. Experience means learning from that success. Experience means a proven track record. Experience means connections made over years of working with the media. We know what works and what doesn’t based on experience. We are in the best position to provide you with the informed counsel that allows marketers to navigate the lifestyle arena and truly connect with an audience.


EVENTS: Our Selection of Partners

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